------ SOMETHING UNIQUE ------


All phones are thoroughly inspected to determine what level of repair is needed prior to painting, this can be a simple matter of repairing a scratch or chip to re-gluing parts back into place, if the broken parts are supplied we using industrial strength super glue.

When the damaged parts are missing plasticard sheet is glued in place on the inside of the damaged area and then the outside is then filled with Isopon P38 filler and then sanded down.

The whole phone is then rubbed down, by hand, using 600 grade wet and dry paper. The phone is then sprayed with a minimum of four coats of 2 pack filler primer and left to dry overnight.

We then rub down the phone again with wet and dry but this time we use 800 grade until all areas are smooth before applying four coats of Polyester basecoat colour. After about an hour we then apply between four and five coats of 2 pack clear lacquer and then again leave overnight to dry and harden off.

Our aim is to supply the completed phone back to the customer in perfect condition with Straight Out of the Gun finish. Occasionally there might be a speck of dust in the final coat but this is easily remedied by using 2000 grade wet and dry paper and then polishing by machine using Farecla G3 Premium polishing compound.

The finish on these phones is truly outstanding and we pride ourselves on perfection every time. All paint materials used are of the highest quality and every care is taken to ensure the ultimate finish.